Is the Best Site to Find a Sugar Daddy in Australia – Statistics Reveal

Statistics always reveal the truth and when we are speaking about numbers issues by none other than, things can never go wrong. According to an independent study, has emerged as the best sugar daddy website in Australia. The study uses leading analytics website to find the relationship between success of the website and traffic ranking.

The study concludes the following:

  • The traffic rank of in Australia is 8,322. Therefore, the website leads the sugar daddy dating segment in this part of the world.
  • The male to female ratio on this site is 2:3, which means that out of every 1000 there are 400 men and 600 women. These are excellent numbers given the fact that other sugar daddy dating sites are primarily dominated by females.
  • A majority of people access the website from schools / colleges or corporate offices. This gives a clear picture of the website’s target audience.

Researchers also pondered over the reason behind the staggering popularity of this segment of online dating. Here is what they have observed:

  • Students are likely to turn to sugar daddies in order to fulfill their expenses. Over 60 percent of all female users of these sites are college students.
  • Wealthy men that are already married but wish to try something different seek a sugar baby as there is no commitment involved.
  • Gives women the opportunity to explore a whole new world. Expensive gifts, holidays at exotic locations, rides in exquisite cars and stays at lavish hotels are part of the package.
  • It is largely a fun experience, and neither the sugar daddy nor sugar baby has to stick to each other for a very long period of time.

Why has become popular? is a pioneer in the sugar daddy dating segment of the online dating industry. Incepted in 2001, the website has gone through innumerable changes over the years and emerged as the best dating site that caters exclusively to rich men that are looking for a gorgeous companion and women that seek financial assistance. Here are a few features on the site that has made it the first choice of sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia.

  • Affordable: One of the most reasonably priced dating services on the market.
  • Interaction: Email, instant messaging, forums and blogs help users interact with a larger section of the audience.
  • Privacy: You not only have complete control over the information you wish to be made available to public but also the kind of people you want to interact with.
  • Membership: is one of the very few sites that have managed to maintain a great balance between male and female users.

With this evidence, it goes without saying that is the best platform in this segment.