4 Best Sugar Daddy Apps For Android

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Sugar daddy apps are more convenient than sugar daddy websites because you can stay connected on the go and receive notifications immediately when someone likes you or sends you a message. Listed below are what we consider to be the 4 best sugar daddy apps for Android users.

There are no sugar daddy apps for iPhone due to Apple's policy towards compensated dating. Fortunately, sugar daddy websites are all mobile-friendly so iPhone users can access them on mobile.

1. SDM: The best sugar daddy app for sugar daddies.

Rating on Google Play: 4.6 | Monthly membership fee: $64.99 for sugar daddies; $32.5 time-limited promotion for sugar babies.

SDM is short for SugarDaddyMeet, which is the leading sugar daddy dating site for straight male sugar daddies and female sugar babies in the 20 richest countries. The Android app is well-designed and fully functional. The only difference is the membership price. For one-month premium membership, it costs you $64.99 on the mobile app but it only costs $50 on the mobile site. To save money, you can upgrade on the website and log in to enjoy full access and all privileges on the mobile app.

2. SeekingArrangement: The Uber for sugar babies.

Rating on Google Play: 3.8 | Monthly membership fee: $89.99 for sugar daddies; $19.99 for sugar babies.

SeekingArrangement, or Seeking, is a highly successful sugar daddy website where over 2 million sugar daddies and sugar mommas are looking for attractive and young sugar babies. SeekingArrangement claims to have 20 million registered users, making it the largest of its kind. It seems that SeekingArrangement puts more effort on their website instead of the mobile app. As you can see, the rating is 3.8, which is lower than all other leading sugar daddy apps. For example, the mobile app doesn't show the 'About Me' and 'What I'm Seeking' parts on profiles and says 'To view this content you must log in to Seeking through a web browser.' It has caused a lot of user complaints. Our suggestion: You may use the website version to search and browse profiles, and use the mobile app for interactions and conversations.

3. Sudy: Designed for sugar dating and easy-to-use.

Rating on Google Play: 4.8 | Monthly membership fee: $69.99 for sugar daddies; $19.99 for sugar babies.

Sudy is relatively new in comparison with SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement. They started from iOS in 2015 and quickly made it a popular sugar daddy app with 5 million users. Their website is seldom known but their Android app is fantastic due to the team is good at building apps. Speaking of functions, Sudy might even be better than SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement, such as the Instagram-style Story function, which SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement both don't have. Then why we rank it NO.3? Because sugaring≠social networking/traditional dating. SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement definitely have something that other dating apps can't copy.

4. SugarD: The last sugar daddy app worth a try.

Rating on Google Play: 4.8 | Monthly membership fee: $69.95 for sugar daddies; $14.99 for sugar babies.

SugarD is the last sugar daddy app that we think is worth checking out. But if you had no luck on the previous 3 apps, chances are big that you can't succeed on this app, too. The membership size of SugarD is even smaller, but it's relatively cheaper for sugar babies. One thing that we want to mention is that sugar daddies who earn $200K annually can get their income verified for FREE and get a Diamond Certification on their profile, which is a paid function on SugarDaddyMeet. SugarD doesn't have a browser version so it's only for Android users.