Sugar Daddy Dating vs Vanilla Dating

There are all kinds of relationships out there. The standard kind of relationship is a vanilla one, meaning a boyfriend-girlfriend scenario where you fall in love. A sugar baby/daddy relationship is quite different. Let's take a look at what these differences are.

The intimacy

Before you start sugar dating, you have to be aware that most sugar daddies want sex and it will be extremely difficult to find one who doesn't. Intimacy has to be something you are comfortable with and it's also something that you should discuss with him before you meet in person. So how does intimacy with sugar daddies differ to that you have when in a vanilla relationship? Usually, sex will be on the cards much earlier with a sugar daddy. When you are vanilla dating, you might want to wait weeks or months before you take that next step and actually take the time to get to know each other first. With your sugar daddy, he will probably want sex by the 2nd or 3rd date after your initial M&G (meaning meet and greet). Make sure that you are safe at all times when the intimacy gets started in your sugar relationship.

The chemistry

In a vanilla relationship, if you do not have chemistry with someone, you are not going to date him or become his girlfriend, but in the sugar bowl, it's quite different. It is a nice bonus if you have chemistry with your sugar daddy, but it isn't a must. First and foremost, you are in the relationship for the rewards and usually your wealthy sugar daddy is much older and you are likely to not be attracted to him at all! Many sugar babies fake feelings towards their daddies even if that chemistry isn't really there in the slightest. Most women looking to start the sugar lifestyle credit themselves with being great actresses.

The dynamic

Age gaps do happen in standard relationships but not usually to the extent that they do with sugar relationships. Sugar daddies are usually older and sugar babies are usually young and beautiful. This creates an entirely different dynamic. You will have to get used to people looking at you due to the different vibes you give off and how different you look together.

The first date

The initial meeting is very different when comparing vanilla/sugar daddy relationships. In a vanilla relationship, a first date is relaxed and simply about getting to know each other. A first date with your sugar daddy is often much more daunting with the pressure high. It can be very much like a job interview with you firing questions at each other and generally trying to figure out if you are on the same page in regards to what the arrangement will be like. You will base what you learn about each other in this meeting as to whether you want to start a sugar daddy/baby relationship, so you need to be on your A game to impress the sugar daddy.

Outside relationships

With a vanilla relationship, usually the man and woman will only have eyes for each other, but this is quite different with sugar relationships. A sugar daddy will often have a wife behind the scene, with his baby there to accompany him when he is out of the country on business or when he needs a breather from his real life. A sugar baby will also be able to have other sugar daddies and a real romantic relationship on the side. This obviously depends on the arrangement in place however, because some sugar daddies request that their sugar baby only has eyes for them.


While a sugar relationship is quite different to a vanilla relationship, there are some similarities too. If you are interested in becoming a sugar baby, it's vital that you know these differences so that you can decide if it's right for you. While the sugar lifestyle isn't for everyone, it can open up many opportunities and help you out enormously financially.