Soon To Travel With Your Sugar Daddy? Here Are Some Tips For You

One of the appealing things about having a sugar daddy is that hopefully he is regularly taking you to amazing locations around the world. If he is very wealthy, traveling with him is a given as a sugar baby but it might be worrying especially if this lifestyle is something that is brand new to you. Here you can find some tips that should enormously help you out when traveling with your sugar daddy.

Take care of your safety first

Hopefully, if you are traveling with him, you know him pretty well and are comfortable that you are safe but you can never be too sure. The main way that you should ensure you are safe when traveling is telling at least one person from your circle of friends where you are going and when they should expect your return. 'Find my friend' and 'Latitude' are two great apps to check out, if you are visiting a big city like NYC or somewhere else. Set up this with a friend so that they can always pinpoint your location. Keeping your phone and charger with you at all times is also a given.

Get information on hotel

If your sugar daddy is a good one then he has paid for the hotel. Find out what the hotel is, where about it is and general information about the area that might be useful during your stay. This should make you feel a little happier and comfortable with your travel plans.

Research activities in the area

He might not have planned any activities nearby, he is a guy after-all so do your research and see what is out there so that you both have lots to do together. If you are staying in New York, you are in luck because this city has so much to do day and night. Whether you are planning theatre shows, researching exquisite restaurants in the area or something else. You want to make sure that the two of you have an amazing trip together so that you can be the sugar baby he wants to keep in his life.

Bring your own protection

You can't rely on your sugar daddy to bring all the supplies you need in terms of protection when you are traveling. You are likely having sex with this guy and if that's the case, you need to make sure that you are being safe. You should bring condoms, lube and any kind of contraception (i.e. the pill) that you are taking. If you DO forget protection, there will be many places where you can get them in the city but it is probably best to be prepared beforehand. If you are with a man who does not want to use protection when having sex, get yourself out of that situation pronto!

Know your sugar daddy's info

It is completely normal when you first start chatting online not to know your sugar daddy's information such as his real name, he probably didn't know yours either! However, if you are traveling together, it's best to know more about him for your own peace of mind. Personal details will probably be shared at this point in order to book plane tickets.etc. but if he is reluctant to do so, ask yourself why this could be and consider if traveling together is such a good idea.

Always have a plan B

Hopefully your time in New York will go awesome but unfortunately, things don't always go to plan. You should always have other arrangements in place in regards to getting home just in case something happens with your sugar daddy and things go south. While this is a relationship that should benefit you financially, it's good to have your own money on hand especially when you are in a different environment. Bring your bank card, have any necessary contacts in your phone and be aware of nearby public transport points should you need them.


Once you find the right sugar daddy, traveling together can be amazing. As a young woman however, you always have to be aware of your surroundings and would could happen in the world case scenario. The tips in this article have been put together to enhance your safety as a sugar baby and also make your trip even more memorable.