Falling in Love with Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

As a sugar baby, or a sugar daddy for that matter, the last thing you expect to happen is to fall in love with the person you are setting up this kind of relationship with. Cupids bow can be ready to strike when you least expect it however and people DO often fall in love with the person they least expect. Here you can find some pointers for things to do and not do in the event you fall in love with your sugar daddy/baby.

Remind yourself of the situation

When you go on dates with somebody and give/receive affection, it can be normal to develop feelings because your mind is manipulated into thinking this is a real romantic relationship, especially if the sugar lifestyle is brand new to you. However, you might not necessarily be in love with them, so just softly remind yourself of the situation. If you are a sugar daddy, you are paying this person for your time and as much as it might pain you, this is the reason they are seeing you. As a sugar baby, your daddy is going to be treating you amazing but he has probably had (and might still have) many other young, beautiful women in his life that he also treats this way. Many sugar daddies are even married and while going on dates with someone and being physical with them is one thing, falling in love is just whole different ball game that should be avoided where possible.

Find out their feelings

If you are really struggling to carry on with the relationship agreed by you and your sugar daddy/baby, then maybe it's time to come clean to the other person. You need to establish how they feel about you and the only way to do that is to ask. Beware, sugar babies have been known to pretend to be in love with their sugar daddies for monetary gain. Once you know how your sugar daddy or sugar baby feels, you can then take the next step.

Consider all options

There are several different options when you realize that you are in deeper with your sugar daddy or baby than what is deemed "acceptable". You could obviously carry on with the relationships and try to push these feelings aside but this can be very painful. If you have told the person how you feel and the feelings are reciprocated, then you might decide that you want to try a "real" relationship and what have you got to lose? If the feeling is not mutual or it's not possible to start a relationship with them due to other commitments, it's probably best to say goodbye. Although this might hurt in the moment, it will be better for you both in the long term. The best way to get over a sugar baby or daddy, is to find a new one!

Take steps to not get emotionally attached next time

If you have had to end a sugar relationship due to falling in love, you need to ensure this doesn't happen next time you have a sugar daddy or sugar baby. This could involve things like not using your real name, not talking to them about any personal problems you might be going through and so on. A physical relationship is something that most daddies want but you could put rules on the arrangement i.e. no kissing on the lips. If you have found yourself falling in love with numerous sugar daddy's/babies, then you may need to question if this is really the right lifestyle for you.


There are many ways you can meet the man/woman of your dreams, fall in love and live happily ever after but in general, this ISN'T expected to happen when you join a sugar dating site. What you do in the situation of falling in love, if it does arise, depends on the other person and also the dynamic of the relationship. If this isn't what you want at this point in your life, then you might want to say goodbye but you also shouldn't throw away something that could be amazing. All relationships are different so evaluate the situation and decide what is best for you.