Profile Guidelines for Newbie Sugar Babies

As a newbie sugar baby on sugar daddy websites and apps, making an appealing dating profile is vital. The right kind of profile will attract more attention, which increases the likelihood of finding a sugar daddy. Here are some tips for making a killer profile so that you can make the most of the sugar baby lifestyle.

Work on your bio.

It is really important that you treat a sugar daddy website as a regular dating site and this means writing a bio. It doesn't have to be overly complex and you don't have to write a lot about yourself at all. Just include a short description, keep it casual but show some of your personality too. Any bio is better than no bio, so don't leave this section of your profile completely blank, or you will have less interaction than the sugar babies who have a bio.

Good photos are vital.

Your photos make all the difference and could drastically affect whether a sugar daddy is going to message you or not. Don't post old photos (you might have been slimmer several years ago). Don't overly edit your photos because this is really deceptive too. It's important that your sugar daddy is attracted to the real you, otherwise, it's just not going to work in the long term! Make an effort to take photos that show you in your best light but are also honest. In regards to sexy photos, it's fine to be a little provocative but not overly so. Remember you are trying to become a sugar baby, not an escort. Leave a little something to the imagination.

Don't broadcast the fact you are new.

Do not mention on your profile that you are new to the scene, because scammers will be more likely to target you if you do so. Also, trust your gut if you are getting any bad vibes from any members and hit that block button.

Online only relationships don't work.

Like any dating relationships, sugar daddy relationships cannot stay online only. The idea of being wired several thousand dollars when you've never even met in real life is ludicrous. It is naive to think that sugar daddies do not want sex, because 99% of them do. You need to be prepared to meet him in the flesh before long and if you are not comfortable with this, it's time to question if the sugar baby lifestyle is really right for you after-all.

No payment method announcement

Don't talk about allowance on your profile. Leave this for private messaging only. Some sugar daddies tell us that when they see "cash app only" on a sugar baby profile, they instantly block her because it feels too transactional. Leaving such information on your profile may also lead your account to be suspended.

Talk about your likes and dislikes.

This could be in terms of looks and also what personality traits you like. Also talk about what you like sexually (Some sugar daddies think being called "daddy" during sex is kinky while others think being kinky means being tied up during sex and choking etc). Being clear and honest about your likes and dislikes will help you find the sugar daddy you are likely to connect with on a physical level.


It's important that you put a little bit of time into creating a profile that is both eye-catching but honest about who you are and what you are looking for. The great thing about sugar daddy websites and apps is that you can get to know lots of sugar daddies online before you choose one to take things to the next level with. Join legit sites today and get started on this new and rewarding lifestyle.