Sudy App Review

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If you are looking for a sugar daddy and would prefer to use an app rather than a sugar daddy website, Sudy is a great choice for you. Sudy app can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Both you and the guys know exactly why you are there, which makes the process much easier. Read our review to see if it is the right platform for you.


  • It is free to sign up for a basic account where verified sugar babies will be able to talk to sugar daddies for free.
  • Sudy is much like Tinder, with the ability to swipe right on members you like and left on those that you are not interested in. If you both swipe right, you are an instant match and you then have the ability to chat, send pictures, voice messages and more to really get things a little more intense.
  • In addition to the usual dating, the site is more like a social network with the ability to share "daily moments" with other members.
  • Even a premium membership is very reasonably priced compared to the costs of other sugar dating platforms out there.
  • The app is really easy to navigate. It has an attractive layout and the pages load quickly. While all apps experience glitches from time to time, it is unlikely with Sudy.


As mentioned previously, a basic Sudy account is free but a premium one will give you access to more features and no doubt increase your likelihood of finding a wealthy guy in your area who appels to you. As you can see, it is cheaper to sign up for a longer period of time but it is completely up to you.

Prices for sugar daddies:

  • 1 month SUDY Premium service for the price of $69.99.
  • 3 months SUDY Premium service for the price of $169.99.
  • 6 months SUDY Premium service for the price of $249.99.

Prices for sugar babies:

  • 1 month SUDY Premium service for the price of $14.99.
  • 3 months SUDY Premium service for the price of $34.99.
  • 6 months SUDY Premium service for the price of $49.99.

Why Sudy

  • It's much cheaper than SugarDaddyMeet for sugar babies, and verified sugar babies can send messages for free.
  • Sudy has over 3 million users in America, UK, Austrailia and more countries around the world.
  • It is really easy to set up a profile and add photos on this app. Even if you are not the most skilled with technology, you are going to find it a breeze.


Sudy has gained itself a reputation as one of the best platforms to find a sugar daddy. It is really easy to use and can help you find what you are looking for in a more straightforward way. The benefits to talk through the arrangements and "rules" with possible sugar daddies before you meet in the flesh is definitely a big advantage. Mutually beneficial relationships are on the rise and the design and features of this app embrace this beautifully. Download Sudy and make an account today and it could just be the best thing that you ever did.