As a younger single mom, is it a good choice to date a sugar daddy?

Let's say you're a younger single mom in her 20s. Whether you were once married or not is immaterial, but you're definitely on your own, raising your child, with or without the support of your family and friends.

Despite being a single mother, you've found the time to take good care of yourself. You find the time to exercise regularly, and you feed yourself well, so that you're able to continue to work and care for your child. As a result, you look wonderful, and have caught the eye of many men who want to date you – and among them are a few millionaires.

Over drinks or coffee one day with a girlfriend, you happen to mention that you've captured the interest of a certain millionaire, who said that he'd "sure like to take care of you – and your little one." This immediately sparks your friend's interest.

"He wants to be your "sugar daddy," she said.

Once at home, you give this some more thought. You go online, and find quite a few dating sites for single moms and sugar daddy dating sites. The single parent dating sites will match you up with other single parents – with whom you may have a lot in common – but the sugar daddy sites will allow you to meet interesting, rich men. Then you think, why not go for someone who has some funds?

Here are some quick pros and cons to dating a sugar daddy when you're a single mom.


1. You'll have someone to take care of you – and indirectly, your child

You work really hard for a living, and by the time you pick your kid up from daycare and make dinner, you barely have energy left to play with her. Are you really being the best parent you can be when your mind is always occupied with work? Nobody is disputing the fact that you need to make a living and put food on the table. But there could be an alternative way. If you enter a relationship with a sugar daddy as a single mother, your time and worries could be freed up from money issues. A sugar daddy could help you fill the financial gaps so that neither you nor your child will lack for anything you need. Isn't that a nice load to have removed from your shoulders?

2. You might actually find true love

Who knows? Your sugar daddy starts out as someone who ensures your financial security, but you could fall for the generous man he is – and he could end up wanting you and your baby to be a permanent part of his life. Don't discount the fact that you could find true love in this sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangement.


1. You need to think about what kind of example you are setting for your child

What kind of message are you sending to your daughter or son by having a sugar daddy? Will your child think differently of you if he or she knew that you were accepting money from a man in exchange for your affection and your company? You need to think about whether you will tell your kid, and if so, how you will explain it. Depending on the age of your child, you may not even need to mention it.

2. A sugar daddy may not save you time

The time that you would have spent working overtime to put food on the table will be spent with a man – likely without your children there – if you have a sugar daddy. So you may not have more time to spend with your kid. Think of it as a redistribution of activities.

Now that you have some information, think carefully about what you want in a relationship and out of life. Good luck!