How COVID-19 Has Affected Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies

As COVID-19 continues to change the way that many things are done, it has affected both sugar daddies as well as sugar babies. Meeting in public places has become impossible in many areas due to mandatory quarantine, changes in one's life have made it even more difficult to pursue this avenue, and scammers are on the rise when it comes to sugar daddy websites.

It's time that some light be shed on the situation to help sugar babies around the world to better understand the times that we're facing. Below are the top 5 ways COVID-19 has crept into the world of sugar dating, and what this means to the future of the lifestyle as we know it.

  • The inability to meet sugar daddies in person.

    PPM stands for "pay per meet," which is often construed as the requirement to pay for each meeting that's done in-person. Mandatory lock down has made this option unattainable for both the sugar daddy as well as the sugar baby in most cases.

    This is where you need to make sure that the sugar daddy is truly vested, and is willing to make a compromise during these difficult times. Don't come off as harsh, but rather discuss other alternatives that will help you get through the pandemic without letting the relationship suffer because of it.

    You could recommend eating dinner with them over Skype, using text messages to your advantage, and any other opportunities that tech provides when it comes to opening up the number possibilities available to you despite the lockdown. A sugar daddy that's truly there for their sugar baby will understand these are difficult times and that doesn't take away their responsibility as a sugar daddy.

    In fact, it has become more common for sugar daddies to send gifts via mail as well as Uber them some delicious cuisines so that their sugar baby gets pampered and can see that they're truly valued in the relationship. These are just a couple of ways, but thinking outside of the box will help unearth countless opportunities.

  • Selling photos is more common, but risky on both ends.

    Whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, buying and selling photos online comes with their own risks. Some sugar daddies may request for the photos to be provided up-front before they compensate the sugar baby for them. There are times to where this has led to the sugar baby not receiving their payment for them.

    The best way to avoid this is to not provide the photos upfront but focus on developing a bond with your sugar daddy first. By doing this, it will not only make you feel more comfortable and trusting in the situation, but it will make the sugar daddy more comfortable as well.

    It isn't uncommon that this approach will lead to the sugar daddy paying upfront for the pictures that they want as they are more willing to with someone that they've gotten to know over time rather than someone that they just met.

  • An increased number of scammers are flooding sugar daddy websites.

    While it would be great to think that COVID-19 wouldn't be exploited by scammers, this is far from the truth. It might be because it has left many sugar babies in dire times and scammers have seen this as an opportunity to exploit those young women going through hard times.

    While there is no way to eliminate scammers from the World Wide Web entirely, there are still precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk of becoming their next victim. This can be only going for sugar daddies with premium accounts (as it shows that a sugar daddy is financially vested in their pursuit for a sugar baby), not falling for messages that immediately try to get you to talk to them on KIK, and keeping an eye out for broken language.

    Also, it's important that you take the time to develop a relationship as this is the only way that you can truly safeguard yourself from scammers. Use different ways to get the assurance that you need in order to see that they're the real thing or reveal that they're not legit.

  • Financial hardship has forced many sugar babies to move away.

    In a time where financial uncertainty has entered the lives of many sugar babies, the only option left for them is to move in with their family or friends who might be living in a different area. It does not mean the relationship has to end. It just takes a little work on both sides to overcome.

    This is where clear communication comes into play, as the sugar baby needs to make the sugar daddy aware of their situation and how it might affect things on the home front. A lot of relationships have continued to prosper (and even grow stronger) during these times.

    The best way to look at it is whether travel will be possible after the pandemic reaches its conclusion and things get back to normal. Other solutions may be feasible to prevent the move, but this can only be brought to light through clear and consistent communication.

  • Limited communications can bring forward doubts in some situations.

    This is even more common where sugar daddies may be married and unable to continue communicating without risking their "perfect marriage" coming to an end. However, it has also affected those who are unmarried as well.

    Not responding to messages, having video chats, and any other forms of non-communication can take their toll on the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. This is where creativity needs to come to play to ensure that communication is still upheld. This can be done by getting some alone time separate from those that they live with, but it's not always clear at first. Having faith in the relationship is the only way to make sure things don't fall apart during the pandemic.

It is quite clear that COVID-19 has affected both sugar babies as well as sugar daddies. The best thing to keep in mind is that for the relationship to prosper, both parties will have to make the continued effort. It isn't the end of the world (even though it might seem like it), but rather a time that has forced us to think more openly about the way we do things while learning how to best use tech to our advantage.