Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a sugar daddy pay?

    It depends on which country or state you live in, and the income level or net worth of sugar daddies you can find. The majority of sugar babies can receive US$1000 allowances per month and the highest can go beyond US$5000 per month, or US$400 - US$500 PPM.
  • What do sugar daddies expect or what do they get in return?

    Almost every sugar daddy wants sex and intimacy as well as affection, deep conversations, and appreciation when they shower their sugar babies with money and gifts. One can hardly find a platonic sugar daddy who doesn't want sex in a sugar daddy relationship.
  • What does a sugar baby do?

    A sugar baby is like a spoiled girlfriend, mistress, or Trophy Wife. Sugar daddies are usually very busy so they prefer sugar babies who have flexible schedules so they can occasionally travel with theM on business trips. According to in-site data by SugarDaddyMeet, sugar daddies also want their sugar baby to be kinky and wild in the bedroom.
  • When and how to bring up allowance to a sugar daddy?

    We recommend that you bring up allowance at the beginning because everybody knows why they are on a sugar daddy website. You can negotiate allowance online or have it settled during the M&G but don't write it in your bio because sugar daddy websites review profiles and asking for money in the bio may lead your account to be deleted. Being upfront, honest, and realistic from the beginning save both of your time. However, it's better that you reach an agreement early but don't make it feel too transactional during the process.
  • Can you be a sugar baby online only without meeting the sugar daddy in person?

    A lot of young women want to enjoy the finer things in life and upgrade their lifestyle. They want a sugar daddy to support their luxurious lifestyle but they don't want to give the Sugar(sexual gratification). Such sugar babies often meet scammers on sugar daddy websites because real sugar daddies don't bite. If you are not comfortable having sex with your sugar daddy, maybe the sugar lifestyle isn't something for you.

Sugar Dating Glossary

  • Sugar Daddy (SD): A man who dates a much younger woman and financially supports her.
  • Salt Daddy: A man who pretends to be a sugar daddy and doesn't offer any financial benefits to the sugar baby.
  • Sugar Baby (SB): A woman who dates a much older man for financial aids.
  • SGF: Sugar girlfriend. A spoiled sugar baby who has a genuine connection and long-term relationship with her sugar daddy.
  • Sugar Relationship (SR): A real-life dating relationship that involves allowance, gifts, fine dining, free travel, or mentorship.
  • POT: A potential sugar daddy or sugar baby whom you are talking to but haven't set up an arrangement yet.
  • Johns: Men who hire sex workers.
  • M&G: Meet and greet. The first time you meet a POT offline in a public location like Starbucks or a bar.
  • PPM: Pay per meet.
  • Allowance: The money that a sugar daddy gives to his sugar baby on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Arrangement: A sugar relationship and its agreed terms such as allowance and sexual favors, etc.
  • Sugar Bowl: Sugar lifestyle.
  • Sugaring: Having a sugar daddy or sugar baby.