Top 10 US Cities to Find a Millionaire Sugar Daddy

You might be quite good looking, intelligent and charming, but until you find someone who appreciates your beauty and pampers you like a princess; it would not be of any use. Your regular guys, whom you have or are dating on and off, can, keep you happy only up to a certain point. But, for a real man who does not think twice before spending big bucks on you, sugar daddies are a perfect pick. Not only would they admire you for your charm, they would also make sure, that you get to flaunt only the best, which also compliments your beauty.

Sounds like a dream, but certainly can be turned into a reality. If you believe that you have that spark in you, then Sugar daddies are waiting to find you. Problem arises when you do not know where to find them. To help you with that, below are listed top 10 US cities, wherein you can easily find Millionaire Sugar Daddies:

  • Washington: In a ratio of about 1000 men, here you can find about 3.2 sugar daddies.
  • Austin, Texas: This city also makes its place among the top cities to find a sugar daddy. The ratio is about 3.5 sugar daddies among 1000 men.
  • Los Angeles: One of the major cities, wherein, you can find a lot of millionaires. The ratio has risen from 3.4 a decade ago to 3.6 sugar daddies for every 1000 men.
  • Las Vegas: A partygoer's favorite destination, Las Vegas is one sure place to find sugar daddies. The ratio here is about 3.98 sugar daddies per 1000 men.
  • Orlando, Florida: This place is also one of the most preferred places by sugar daddies. There are about 4.1 sugar daddies among every 1000 men.
  • Boston: This industrial city in the United States has always attracted millionaires. Boston is one such place, where many entrepreneurs go or are already settled. There are about 4.6 millionaire sugar daddies per 1000 men.
  • Tampa: Another contender in the list is Tampa. The millionaire sugar daddy to male population ration stands at 4.98.
  • San Francisco: This is another popular destination for models and celebs. It is said that 1 is 20 men seek a sugar relationship.
  • Scottsdale: Attracting a lot of like minded individuals, Scottsdale if usually filled up with good looking girls and rich men. No wonder it ranks the second highest in sugar daddy population.
  • Atlanta: Having the largest number of single rich men looking to find their sugar babies, this city has 6 sugar daddies per 1000 male citizens.

Considering their lifestyle and work commitments, it would otherwise take a lot of time to meet a Millionaire. But in most of these cities, you would come across them in a pub, lounge, club or any gathering.