The Pros & Cons of Dating a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy dating, often viewed as the most convenient dating style has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. This article throws limelight on some of the pros and cons of dating a sugar daddy. If you are considering a relationship with a sugar daddy, it is worth considering the following points.

Pros of Dating a Sugar Daddy

  • The allowance: Getting a pay check without the struggles of a full – time job is the best thing about this relationship. The recommended allowance includes everything that's required for your survival such as college fee, rent, food and bills.
  • Free time: Having ample free time at your disposal is a greater luxury than just money. Sugar dating gives you a golden opportunity to grasp new skills without having to pay for your existence by working at the dead – end job.
  • Experience – based knowledge: This is one of the major advantages of dating a sugar daddy but not all sugar babies make use of it. Whether you are already in a sugar relationship or still seeking one, take advantage of this as it might be the most useful thing in the relationship.

Cons of Dating a Sugar Daddy

  • Leading a secretive life: The life of a sugar baby is often a secretive one, particularly when the sugar daddy is already married and has a family. Your friends and relatives might wonder why you have so much time when people of your age are busy sorting their mess. In order to keep the details secret, sugar babies are often forced to lie to their near and dear ones.
  • Lack of a "real" relationship: The major disadvantage of dating a sugar daddy is that you never get a real boyfriend. You are also aware of the fact that this relationship is temporary and can end abruptly when your partner is bored. The chances of getting married to him are not very high either. Basically, there is no future with him.
  • Control over time: There is no doubt about the fact that a sugar relationship will give you tons of free time. But there is a downside to this too. Most sugar daddies have busy schedules and may squeeze you in whenever they are free. If you have a stringent schedule, it would be wise to inform him so that he can work out a plan accordingly.