Sugar Daddy Safety Tips

Sugar daddy and sugar baby dating relationships can be precarious for several reasons. The first is that there are no written rules to sugar daddy and sugar baby dating relationships. The subject of these relationships is a bit taboo in the first place, because they are not the social norm, so nobody ever knows how to deal with them. There’s no one to regulate these relationships, so how does one act? You’re really making up the rules as you go alone.

The second reason is that sometimes, you will come across people in your life who will be opposed to the type of relationship that you’re having. Perhaps your mother thinks you should settle down for a nice man, or your friends think that your sugar baby is just a gold digger. You may not get the support you are looking for if you ever encounter problems with your relationship.

But as in all relationships, problems do happen. A friend of ours – one of the nicest gentlemen and professionals you could ever hope to meet – happens to be a sugar daddy to someone he thought was a lovely young lady, a university student and an aspiring visual artist. One day, things went south. The man was spending more and more time with his wife – who the sugar baby knew all about – and the young woman was jealous. She demanded that he give her $500 on top of her monthly allowance – or she’d confront his wife.

Our friend was floored. Up until then, their relationship wasn’t like that, and he asked us what to do. While he cared about this girl, he also didn’t want his wife to know. We had some advice for him, and other men like him.

Be up front with your sugar baby

Be honest with your sugar baby from the very beginning. Tell her what you are looking for – a discreet, open relationship, and agree on the terms from the start. Tell her that you are looking for a pleasurable relationship – no drama, no jealousy and no strife. Have her agree before embarking on that relationship.

Don’t mix your two worlds

If you’re a married sugar daddy, and have a family, don’t mix involve your sugar baby. As much as you think she’s lovely, and would get along with your parents, siblings, children and spouse, those two worlds should never collide.

Maintain your personal privacy

If possible, have a place you will meet, instead of going to her apartment or your home. Those two places should be sacred places. (Especially your matrimonial home.) Likewise, don’t give out your home number, or names of your children’s schools, etc. You never know what will happen, and the safety of your family should be your priority, first and foremost. Instead, keep the focus on the two of you when you are together.

We’re not suggesting that all sugar babies will turn into Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself when embarking on any relationship.