What Can You Learn From Lifetime Movie “Sugar Babies”?

On August 15, 2015 Lifetime movies premiered the movie “Sugar Babies”, which is based on the life of a sugar baby that opts to date an older influenced by the people around her that depend on wealthy men for their financial needs. Directed by Monika Mitchell and starring Alyson Stoner and Sarah Dugdale in lead roles, the story revolves around a college student who was persuaded by her roommate to make an agreement with an older man who pays for her companionship.

For those who wish to become sugar babies and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the company of a wealthy man, this is more than just a TV movie. In fact, you could learn a lot from it. We have made things a little easier for you by listing out a few things that could inspire you and make your life better. Read on to find out all the good stuff that this site manifests:

  • Depending on a sugar daddy for everything isn't going to help: Sugar relationships don’t last for a lifetime. If there is a genuine connection, it would be called a Cinderella story. The relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies is based on the idea of mutual benefits wherein the relationship lasts for as long as the man and woman continue to benefit each other.

    While your companion might fulfill all your needs, this certainly isn't a sustainable process. However, if landing a wealthy husband doesn’t seem likely then becoming a sugar baby is the next best thing. As a matter of fact, becoming a sugar baby is easier than becoming the wife of a millionaire and this is depicted in the movie.

  • It’s not going to last forever: The idea of sugar daddy – sugar baby dating dictates that the relationship between the two isn't meant to last forever. It is important that you don’t get emotionally attached to your companion to avoid getting disappointed. Besides, it wouldn’t be a great idea to depend on the same remuneration and set up additional sources of income. If you're still a student, focus on studies too and don’t just get carried away with the kind of lifestyle you’re witnessing.
  • Spend money wisely: You might be tempted to spend all the money that you get from a sugar daddy on luxurious stuff but don’t be in a hurry. Save that money and plan something better for your future. Consider that as an investment and learn how you could make the most of this little income.
  • Look before you leap: Don’t get into something new such as sugar daddy dating if you're not ready for it. Do adequate research and understand what it takes to impress a wealthy person. If you're able to do so, try getting onto a networking site and connect with potential partners. If you aren't ready yet, back off immediately.