Since its launch in 2006, has grown to become one of the worlds leading sugar daddy websites, revolutionizing the industry in the process. Now, with negative stigma forming around the term alongside the implementation of the controversial SESTA and FOSTA bills, is transforming again, repositioning its popular platform from arrangementto dating up.’ 

The concept of sugar dating and sugar daddies has been around for hundreds of years, but the terms re-entered the modern public consciousness in the early 1990s. For Brandon Wade, founder of, dating proved one of life’s biggest challenges. Having enjoyed incredible success in his professional career, he found that this success came at the expense of time to invest in and develop a romantic relationship. 

That is why in 2006, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and after spending a month coding and developing day and night, was launched. This unique platform was designed to offer a twist to the traditional practice of arranged relationships, helping to empower both men and women and create an environment where intellect and success were considered ‘hot.’ proved an instant success, throwing a positive light on sugar dating and seeing the platform enjoy major media success across the globe. This success also saw the platform help revolutionize the industry, connecting partners and helping them establish and foster long and successful relationships. 

However, in recent years, the popularity of the term sugar daddy has been corrupted. Alongside the adult industry misappropriating the terminology, it has also been used by influencers as a form of clickbait. This negative backlash has seen various advocacy groups incorrectly target, mistaking its intent and purpose. All of this, combined with the introduction of the controversial FOSTA and SESTA bills, which have created major issues and confusion for online dating platforms and websites, has meant has needed to refocus its direction. 

The platform has previously focused on ‘arrangement’ style connections. This is a form of a verbal or written agreement that clearly spells out the expectations and behaviors of both parties to ensure a healthy and happy relationship for everyone. Now, is repositioning itself to follow a ‘dating up’ form of connection. 

‘Dating up’ is a unique new concept that helps people truly understand what they want from a relationship, connecting them with like-minded individuals. This new approach is designed to go beyond typical social trends, supporting users to live new and exciting experiences that bring them closer to their partners.  

This new approach cements’s commitment to helping users find a true connection. ‘Dating up’ helps to cultivate relationships based on attributes that each partner values, aligning romance with personal enrichment. Despite this reposition, the platform has not forgotten about its long-term users, and it will still cater to those seeking genuine sugar daddy relationships in the traditional sense of the term. 

Speaking on the announcement of the reposition, Brandon said, “In recent years, the terms sugar daddy and sugar dating have been misappropriated and misused, creating a misconception about them. 

At, our mission has always been to help people connect for caring and meaningful relationships. Our new dating upapproach will take this to the next level, without losing any of the unique touches that have made us one of the most popular dating platforms in the last two decades.” 

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