seekingmillionaire.comSeeking Millionaire is another dating site managed by Bradon Wade, who is well known for his concept that "real love doesn't exist and arrangements are the future of dating" and his rich men dating sites including Seeking Millionaire, Seeking Arrangement, What's Your Price, and Miss Travel. Like the other dating sites owned by Bradon Wade, also caters to rich men and aspiring women. The difference is that this site doesn't allow gold diggers. Only the most refined, noteworthy singles are accepted, according to the site.

How It Works

Seeking Millionaire is an exclusive community where attractive women join for free to meet and date rich men to enjoy the finer things in life. They believe that people should never waste their time, nor settle for less when it comes to dating, whether you possess wealth and success, or beauty and charm. They provide a venue for generous people to date people they would not normally meet on traditional dating websites.

Seeking Millionaire shares very similar features with its sister site, Seeking Arrangement:


Is Seeking Millionaire the Millionaire Dating Site for You?

Bradon Wade is good at promoting his rich men dating sites. Seeking Millionaire and Seeking Arrangement are often seen on popular media sites such as The Huffington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. The sites are also ranked top sites if you Google millionaire dating sites, sugar daddy sites, or rich men dating sites. In this way, the two sites have gathered a huge user base of aspiring women and wealthy men. There might be millions of beautiful young women on while many of them might be seeking arrangements due to the founder and CEO's concept about love. Therefore, if you are looking for real love and a life partner who is equal to you in brains, financial status and life experience, Millionaire Match would be a better site for you. If you are not looking for serious long term relationships, this site could be a good site for you.